The Healthcare MBA

Learning Goal 1-Healthcare Systems

  • Describe relevant and specific stakeholders in the healthcare system, articulate their stakes, and illustrate how those stakeholders operate in a mutually influencing system.
  • Assess how those stakeholders operate in a mutually influencing system.
  • Translate and apply their understanding of the complex healthcare system to address specific healthcare organizational, business, and quality issues faced by stakeholders in the healthcare system.
  • Analyze the potential short and long-term implications (intended and unintended) that healthcare policy, finance, and operations decisions have on providing value from multiple stakeholders' (especially patients') points of view.

Learning Goal 2-Analysis & Decision Making

  • Craft meaningful and actionable problem statements with strong consideration towards diverse stakeholders.
  • Systematically gather and methodically analyze primary and secondary data most relevant to the situation.
  • Thoughtfully design and rigorously evaluate potential solutions.
  • Evaluate an organizational dilemma through an ethical framework.

Learning Goal 3-Leadership

  • Assess your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drivers, values, and goals and analyze how they affect others.
  • Describe complex relationships from multiple perspectives.
  • Identify strengths and perspectives of others to build and strengthen relationships.

Learning Goal 4-Communication

  • Demonstrate a thorough consideration of context, purpose, and audience in the communication.
  • Present a central message that is clear, concise, and insightful.
  • Present complex information with relevant justification and analysis.
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