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Rob McLafferty

As the Chief of Surgery at the Veterans Affairs Portland Health Care System, Dr. Robert McLafferty represents the very best in physician leadership. Since graduating from The Healthcare MBA in 2017, he has continued to use his experiences and education from the program to help him develop into an exceptional physician executive. We recently caught up with Dr. McLafferty to learn more about his experiences in the program and his advice for future physicians exploring this degree.

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Leah Vasquez

Leah Vasquez recently landed her third promotion in the three years since graduating from OHSU's School of Medicine Healthcare MBA program. Leah is stepping up in each new role to help solve profound challenges within the healthcare landscape. For instance, she is currently leading a team tasked with figuring out how to enhance access for patients in need of gastroenterology services.

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Tammy Vogel

When Michael Recht, M.D. and Tammy Vogel decided to complete the MBA program together, they did not foresee the changes they would experience personally or achieve operationally. As colleagues, they saw their relationship deepen with the shared experience. They were able to address challenges in the workplace more effectively because they had a “common language to talk about what was going on in our workplace” and were “able to roll with change much better.”

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David Zonies

A question that kept David Zonies, MD, MPH, MBA ’20, up at night was how to improve critical care services across the newly formed OHSU Health. He decided to propose a Capstone project to explore this further. Together with three classmates, the team developed a model for a system-wide critical care service line. However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the team to pivot mid-project. Healthcare systems needed new and immediate ideas to address the needs of patients locally and regionally. Keeping the end in mind, the team developed a long-term plan along with alternatives to address the acute. The adaptability, creativity, and quality of work throughout this project helped to propel Dr. Zonies into an Associate Chief Medical Officer role.

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