Program Resources


The online portion of the MBA program is offered through Sakai. In Sakai, the course is laid out weekly. Once clicking on the current week, students are able to see, on a single page, everything required that week. This may include textbook readings, articles or other online resources; watching recorded lectures or documentaries; posting to forums (online discussion), and submitting written work or taking a quiz. While the work itself is mostly asynchronous, enabling students to do the work as fits their unique schedules, there are deliverables each week that keep students on track and moving forward.
Students are part of small groups within each course. Groups works closely with each other in online discussions and team projects. Because of this, students get to know each other quite well in this online environment. Groups may decide to work collaboratively online via Skype or in person to suit their individual group needs. The groups rotate each term, and by the end of the first year, students will have worked closely with most of their peers.

Sakai is supported by OHSU's Teaching and Learning Center staff, who respond quickly to tech support questions and needs from student and faculty.

Library Access

The Healthcare MBA students have access to both the OHSU and PSU libraries. Throughout their education, students will use the libraries to access readings and research topics for class and presentations. A strong inter-library loan program expands these resources. Many activities can be conducted online, which makes these resources convenient whether youĂ­re connecting from out-of-state or working on a paper during the swing shift.

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